Malaysian Cupid

7 Tips for Dating Malaysian Women.

Have you and your significant other runs out of ideas for dates? Luckily Malaysia is a place full of beautiful date locations. Read on for awesome date ideas in Malaysia.

7 Tips for Dating  Malaysian  Women

1. Pasar Malam

Foodies, this is your dream come true. Partners that love to eat together should definitely visit pasar malam at least once to sample the amazing food available there. Other items like clothing and novelty gifts can also be found dotted around the area. This is a date and shopping all rolled together.

2. Get a good old fashioned burger

Burger joints in Malaysia have some of the best burgers in the world. You and your partner should take advantage of this and get some delicious burgers together. See it this way: if you feel comfortable eating a messy burger with your partner, you’re truly in love.

3. Central Market

Yes, this is a tourist destination. And yes, tourists can be grating. But this place is popular with very good reason. It’s a beautiful place that lets you explore different facets of the culture of Malaysia. If you and your partner are into exploring and art, this one is for you. Great food can also be found here in Petaling street.

4. Heritage tours

Time to feel proud of your heritage. Exploring the rich history of Malaysia with your partner will make both of you proud of your culture and will get you to reconnect with your roots. There are paid tours (the ones that tourists usually take) with guides, but you could also just explore heritage sites on your own or download an app for an audio tour. Another fun idea that is somewhat related to heritage would be for you and your significant other to visit all the places that you loved as a child.

5. Art museums

Look at the beautiful paintings and then sneak a kiss when nobody is looking. This is a classy, yet inexpensive date option. Getting an ice cream afterwards is even better than the art itself.

6. Hiking

Are you an athletic couple? If so, you should go hiking together and see some new places. Even if your usual routine involves eating junk food and watching TV together, doing something new can bring the excitement back into the relationship.

7. Putrajaya

Low on cash? Putrajaya offers a wide variety of activities like bird watching and picnicking with almost no costs involved. Having a photoshoot session here can also be a romantic date idea. Take pictures of your partner posing with the beautiful natural backdrops or hire a photographer to take pictures of you together. You can make a photo album containing all of the pictures to commemorate the day and keep it as something to give to your children one day.

In conclusion, there are plenty of things to do in Malaysia. Explore your country and see what it has to offer because there is a lot. Pretend to be tourists and fall in love with your heritage.