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How to date a millionaire: 4 tips for malaysian women.

The loyalty and natural beauty of Malaysian women is attracting to men around the globe and this actually acts as advantage for them! There are not many Millionaire and Billionaire bachelors which you might have heard of except for few known names through media industry. But if a high net worth individual is your ideal mate then there are lot of dating websites to find men with deep pockets. Men have fewer choices because profile of wealthy men always outnumbers profiles of wealthy women. Hence as a woman, you have a chance to be one of those lucky women! Here are four tips for Malaysian women on how to date Millionaire men!

How to date a millionaire: 4 tips for malaysian women

1. Dive yourself in their habits: Wealthy people are too busy in running businesses and have no time to socialize at bars and clubs. Hence, they like those women who are down to earth and hardworking and help in providing them a sense of relaxation when he is with her! This means that you should not be very pushy to hang out at social venues rather your inclination should be towards making him a drink at home and setting up the meal while he is finishing his work. They love to have cosy environment at home away from the hustle and bustle!

2. Personality matters: We are genetically programmed to go after successful men but successful men don’t land up with each and every one. They are very selective when it comes to dating! Malaysian women are very sober and sweet and thus they are liked by Millionaires. You might be very well behaved but to stand up with them in their circle, you need to learn some etiquette of their world and dress to impress. They already have enough and hence money is not a factor which attracts them but your personality and dressing sense definitely do so!

3. Win their heart with small gestures: Millionaire men have seen big corporate parties, celebrations on jumbo scale, grand gatherings and hence they have FOMO for all those little gestures which increase happiness. They have never grown up in environment which is comprised of loving gestures rather they have always been surrounded by people talking about money and business. So do something sweet and loving for them. Buy them little surprise gifts, cook for them, go on a long drive and spend some peaceful time. They might never say but these loving gestures are really appreciated by them and this will increase your bonding too!

4. Keep yourself open: it is mutual for a couple to decide on intimacy level they want to share. Definitely not in early stage of your relationship but if it is going well and you trust your millionaire partner then there is no harm in taking a next step. Talking and communicating about expectations with each other only help in strengthening the relationship. Hence, if he wants it and you too are ready for it, it is ok to go ahead and take a step to build a strong relationship.