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How To Make First Dates Better

After chatting online for a while, you’ve finally scored the first date with an absolutely stunning Malaysian girl. How do you make sure you don’t mess it up? Follow these tips and try to stay calm.

How To Make First Dates Better

• Don’t: “You’re so sexy.”
• Do: “You look very pretty.”

Telling a Malaysian woman that she’s sexy will immediately make her think that you’re sleazy and that you’re only interested in sex. They tend to be modest, so this is a bad route to take. Instead keep compliments about her appearance chaste and don’t overdo it.

• Don’t: “I like to do X and Y.”
• Do: “I saw on your profile that you’re interested in X and Y. Tell me more about it.”

Only talking about your own interests is not only boring, but will make you seem self-centered. Instead, focus on asking her about her interests. This works even better if you have a mutual interest that you can discuss with her.

• Don’t: “LOL. TTYL, BI.”
• Do: “I had a great time. When could we see each other again?”

Don’t text her after the first date. This can lead to her reading the message in the wrong tone and misunderstandings occurring. Make an effort and call her after the first date to ask for another one. This will show her that you are truly interested in her and that you respect her.

• Don’t: “Don’t be a prude. It’s just a kiss.”
• Do: “I understand. I respect that you choose to wait.”

Malaysian women take things slow. Don’t manipulate or pressure her into doing something she isn’t comfortable with. It’s bound to make things between you go wrong and it’s just totally unacceptable behavior.

• Don’t: “I don’t know, what do you want to do?”
• Do: “Don’t worry, I’ll plan everything. Wear a pretty dress.”

Wining and dining her on the first date will show her that you make an effort, that you’re romantic and that you’re not cheap. Be decisive as well. Nobody likes a man that can’t take charge. Put effort into your appearance as well.

• Don’t: “Can you pay the bill?”
• Do: “I insist on paying.”

While you can split the bill later on in the relationship, a gentleman should always pay for the first date. Making her pay is a way of guaranteeing that you’ll never see her again.

• Don’t: “I hate my ex. She was crazy.”
• Do: “I’ve learned from my experiences.”

Talking about how much you hate your ex will make you seem petty and bitter. This is unattractive. Ideally, you’ll want to avoid talking about past relationships at all on the first date. If the subject is mentioned, remain mature about it.

• Don’t: “I hate the way that guy was looking at you.”
• Do: “I’m proud to have such a beautiful woman by my side.”

Being jealous, especially on the first date, can make things very awkward. If you’re dating an attractive woman you should make peace with the fact that other men will also find her attractive. See it as a compliment and not a threat.