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Things To Keep In Mind When Dating Malaysian Women Online

Asian women are becoming an increasingly popular choice for men of all races when they start looking for the woman that they want to settle down with. It’s not hard to see why. Asian women are all beautiful and have lovely personalities. While most men only focus on Japanese and Chinese women, there are unexplored treasures still waiting. Malaysian women have all the charm and beauty you could want in an Asian woman, but they tend to be less formal and traditional. The best of both worlds! Online dating is extremely popular among young Malay people so your chances of finding a Malay girl online are high. If you want to attract and keep a Malay girl, take the following to heart.

Things To Keep In Mind When Dating Malaysian Women Online

1. They will find out if you lied

Saying that you’re 6 ft on your profile when you’re much shorter than that is something that you can’t really hide when meeting up with your date for the first time. Malay girls don’t waste their time with liars, so putting false information on your profile is as good as destroying the relationship from the very beginning.

Honesty should be kept after you enter the relationship as well. Never give an insincere compliment or try to hide things from her. It will cause a lot of problems in your relationship later on.

2. Only date one girl at a time

In western society it is common for people to date multiple others at the same time until they agree to be exclusive with one person. This is not the case with Malay girls. If you have a date with a Malay girl, do not schedule any other dates before you know if you want to take things further with your current date or not. They will take it as a sign of disrespect if you date multiple women. Before moving on to the next girl, first break things off to prevent misunderstanding from occurring.

3. Don’t expect much on the first date

Malaysian women are not the type to sleep with you on the first date. They’re not even likely to kiss you on the first date. They are very modest and PDA is also out of the question. Take things slow, respect her and you will have a relationship that is rock-solid and loving. Even if you’ve been together for a while, many Malay girls prefer to wait until marriage before sleeping with somebody. If you don’t think this is something you can accept, you should make it clear on your dating profile that you aren’t comfortable with it. If you can understand and respect her conservative mindset, you’ll need to gain her parents’ approval before popping the big question. It may seem like a lot of effort to be with a Malay girl, but once you gain her parents approval you’ll have a wife that will walk to the ends of the earth for you with a smile on her face.